website-newLet's Build A Website That Puts YOU In Control!

WordPress is a wonderful platform to build your web site with. The power, flexibility, and ease-of-use provided by WordPress is unmatched. In the past, business owners were beholden to the "web guy" to make all the changes they wanted to their website - and usually at a high price tag. Those days are gone by working with this software. My company will build a website utilizing your graphics and help you organize the content so you are getting something that represents YOU and what you are wanting to accomplish.

While many business owners have enough technical skills to do an initial set up of a simple WordPress web site, they may not have enough knowledge to properly maintain their sites. This is certainly understandable as the WordPress platform and community has been rapidly evolving over the last few years. Staying up-to-date with all the updates and new features available can be very time consuming.

Even if a business owner had their WordPress site created for them, most web designers are not experts on the technical details of WordPress, nor are they interested in maintaining WordPress for their clients. Business owners who wait too long may be missing out on opportunities for their web sites to bring them business. Or even worse – a technical problem can leave them stranded with a malfunctioning web site.

Unlike many others who have only recently started working with WordPress, our company has been maintaining WordPress sites for over 7 years. Plus, Queen Bee is represented by MB Tech, Inc., a technology services company, that has helped small business owners for over 14 years. Are you going to trust your web site to someone who is new to WordPress or maybe even new to running their own business?

Already have a website, but it just needs a little tweaking? No problem. Even if we didn't set up your WordPress-based web site, we can still help maintain and support it. And best of all, this service is very inexpensive. You receive the following for a low monthly fee (even lower if you pay for a year):

  • Updates performed as necessary or required to core WordPress system and third-party plugins - you don't need to lift a finger and your WordPress site will stay updated
  • Web site uptime monitoring - if your web site goes down, we'll know before you do and begin troubleshooting with your host provider
  • Periodic security checks and scanning for malware or spambots - rest assured your site will stay secure.
  • Routine technical optimizations of your WordPress site - your site will stay efficient and less likely to develop problems or performance issues
  • Daily backups of your web site saved offsite on Amazon's S3 Cloud storage infrastructure - your web site's data will always be protected, even from major disaster
  • Full support for your WordPress web site:
    • If any problems arise with your website we will resolve them quickly
    • We will answer any questions you may have about your WordPress web site
    • We've got your back! You will never be left stranded when it comes to your web site anymore!
  • BONUS: You will be kept abreast of new developments and technologies that could help you make the most of your Internet and social media marketing efforts
  • BONUS: Periodic performance scanning to verify that your site loads quickly and efficiently - ensuring maximum exposure and higher ranking
  • BONUS: Basic SEO optimization - we can implement some basic SEO optimizations to help your site rank higher.

If you have a WordPress web site — or even if you aren't sure — please contact me today to find out how we can help you maintain and support your web site.