Who is in your top ten?

Recently I have been surrounded by people talking about their top ten. Their “brand champions”. Then today I read Seth Godin’s blog. I have the link below. I really feel like it was a slap in the face. To quote Seth:

“Find ten people. Ten people who trust you/respect you/need you/listen to you…

Those ten people need what you have to sell, or want it. And if they love it, you win. If they love it, they’ll each find you ten more people (or a hundred or a thousand or, perhaps, just three). Repeat.

If they don’t love it, you need a new product. Start over.”

What if we all do exactly this? Coincidentally I was running my mastermind group today and told one of my attendees to form a group of ten people to help her with her presentation skills. What if this top ten that we all form can be the go to group for everything, just as Seth suggests? Who would be in your top ten? 

My only suggestion is to not limit this. Maybe it could be people that are local. Maybe all over the country and you communicate by a monthly conference call. Not sure. I know it will take tweaking on my part. I do know that I am starting today on forming my top ten.

When will you start?