I Had No Idea…

So for those of you following me, you may have noticed I have not posted in a while. Been busy writing my proposal and researching all things book writing, publishing, etc. My proposal is off to five publishing houses with already two turning me down. They believe there is not a big enough market for this subject.


What do you mean? Do you not know that this country was founded on people starting businesses in their basements with their spouse or family member? Seventy-six percent of current businesses today are owned by couples or family members. And yes…it is hard. Sometimes intolerable, but we do it. I cannot imagine why someone would think not enough people would be interested in this topic.

I am not giving up. You will find me in an ebook or something. I feel that my points are valid and useful to the couplepreneurs out there in the world. Log on to my online community and join the revolution!