It’s all about hope, kindness and a connection with one another.

This is point number four given in the recent blog post by Lauren Stiller Rikleen, president of the Rikleen Institute for Strategic Leadership titled: Eight Lessons Millennial Women Can Learn From Elizabeth Taylor. You can read the entire list here.

I have to admit, I was a little sad when I heard the news of her passing. Not really being a fan of her film career, I was a bit young, I was always a fan of what she was up to. Intrigued early on, probably because my mother loved watching her, I was more intrigued with how she seemed to be everywhere. And I wasn’t wrong. I was on the treadmill this weekend and listening to various talk show hosts speculate how much her estate is worth. Capitalizing on her star power, Elizabeth Taylor literally still has money coming in the door from real estate she owns, perfume sales and jewelry collections that are still very popular. Who can forget the early White Diamonds commercials? And the one fragrance that was always in a stunningly beautiful purple bottle. My mom always bought that one. It made her feel special.

And there is the connection that I am talking about. Not only did she make a lot of money with multiple streams of income, but she made connections. I truly believe that is the only way you will succeed in business, and in life. Whatever road you are traveling on, whatever path you choose to take in your career, focus on the connections you will make, and how they can help sustain not only your business, but your life.

I know I will.