Is Entrepreneurship The New Women’s Movement?

Did you see the recent article from Forbes Magazine on more women starting businesses than men in the last 20 years? What used to be the norm – women leaving home to go to work – is now changing to women leaving the corporate world to start their own ventures from home.

The article states: “Many women view corporations today as being fundamentally flawed and limiting in their value structures. The Guardian Life Index, an initiative to understand America’s small business owners, cites “office politics” as a driving factor for women leaving Corporate America to start businesses.”

I believe the world is moving at such a fast pace – and technology is moving even faster. This is giving more women the tools to go for their dreams. Sometimes they are forced, like if they loose their jobs, but I am finding the women I come into contact with wanting to be in charge of their own careers. They are taking their passions and making them happen. And technology is making it easier to do every day.

Consider what choice you might have made 10 years ago if you had Dropbox, iPads, blogs as they are now, Facebook and Twitter as they are now. Would it have given you the courage to step out on your own? The article said there was a 52% increase the number of women entrepreneurs using social media to boost business while saving on marketing costs.

So what are your thoughts? What would hold you back – or make you jump – into running your own business? Is technology a factor or is it about the money? Is it personal satisfaction or just wanting to say when you can go to your child’s soccer game and not answer to anyone for it?

I know that I am thankful every day for taking the plunge to be an entrepreneur. I would love to know what your thoughts are..