Is Anyone Out There Listening?? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

Today I had an interesting meeting with a client. They are in the midst of starting a new business and are really have trouble with the fact that no one seems to be listening to them. They feel they are posting to Facebook in vain and that email marketing is a waste of time because no one is replying to their newsletters. It is like NO ONE is listening. It is like the teacher doing roll call in the movie, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

I say – keep on trucking.

So many marketers give up way too soon. Building a tribe, following, brand champions, sneezers – whatever you want to call them – takes time. You cannot expect people that don’t know you all that well to just call you out of the blue. You also cannot expect to have people that know you really well call you right away either. Business is conducted based on the client’s immediate need and the amount of trust that you have earned. So here are some quick tips on how to build your tribe.

1. Provide Relevant Content

So many blogs, Facebook pages, etc have too much “buy from me” type posts. Your tribe wants to be educated, not sold to. Think of yourself – do you like constant “buy from me” messages displayed all over your email and Facebook wall? Give them the goods! Give them your knowledge. Tell them your experiences, products you use, products you don’t use, or articles you find interesting and why. Give until you think you have given away too much, then give some more.

2. Share

Share your network, share your knowledge, share your compassion. This one is easy. Share who you know. Who do you know that provides a service you know your target market needs other than yourself? Connect all of these people together and it will always come back to you. You are the connector, so you must have all the answers, right? They will want to come to you for more! Share your knowledge we discussed above. But above all, share your compassion. Show your tribe that you really care.

3. Have a plan

It is easy to give up on your marketing messages when they are not written down somewhere. Goals are 50% more likely to be achieved it they are written down someplace. My husband and I have our Marketing goals taped to the wall in our home office so we are constantly reminded. Another way of doing this is to have an editorial calendar. Schedule the topics you want to write about or post about, but make sure you leave room for current events, thus making you more relevant (refer to tip number one!) Often times when it is planned out, it helps you to maintain your focus as well.


Pretty simple. Stay the course. Establish a reasonable amount of time that needs to pass before you re-evaluate your methods and just keep trucking! Don’t give up!

So what are some other tips you have for business owners that get frustrated? Comment here, I would love to hear them!