Is Your Business “Worth Every Penny”?


Worth Every PennyI have been reading the book, Worth Every Penny, by Sarah Petty and Erin Verbeck. I am so thrilled to share this book with you.

It basically spotlights what I have felt, seen, and implored on my clients the entire time I have had a business. It spotlights charging what your EXPERIENCE is worth, rather than what the market says you should charge. I completely agree. You should not price your services just to “keep up with the Jones’s.” Make sure you are providing the experience worth the price you are charging. How does this happen? Here are a FEW examples:

1. Give them an unforgettable experience.
Show your clients what it is like to work with you. What makes you different? How does the attention you are giving them turn into a game changer?

2. Go the extra mile
I am sure it goes without saying that people are used to mediocre service today. I  know personally that if I get exactly what I am paying for, I am doing well. What would happen if you went the extra mile? You would have brand champions, that’s what! People who are willing to shout from the rooftops that you are the best – advertising at its best, I might add. What can you do to make their experience more memorable, more tangible, something worth talking about to their friends?

3. Have the right people in place
I think it goes without saying that the right people are key. If your business is growing and you cannot get it all done, hire people who will represent your vision. Make sure you question them thoroughly, inspect their references, give them a quiz, think outside of the box – whatever it takes. They will be representing your brand, make sure they understand it and are on board with it.

4. My favorite – Does the idea help my business grow, or does it just spread me thinner?
This is my favorite because everyone gets caught in this trap. All business owners typically get caught up in adding more instead of focusing on what they are good at and excelling at it. I understand change is good, but you must first master what is bringing the people in, and not get in a hurry to make it better. Embrace what you are good at and don’t let it make you stray from your core competency.

There is so much more to this book, and I implore you to read it. At the same time, think about how you can make your experience more memorable and worth mentioning?