I Did It…I Said No…

Recently I decided to step down from a leadership role. It wasn’t due to conflict, it wasn’t due to inability…

It had everything to do with me.

Throughout my entire professional career (and really ever since I can remember now that I think about it), I have always been one of the first people to volunteer and raise my hand to do something or run something. Whether it was for president position, directorship, board member or just a plain volunteer for a committee, I was always willing to help. Granted, that is how you get your name out there in the beginning – by getting involved. But through the years, it becomes almost like another job, expected that you will be the one to step up to the plate when help is needed.

So when I stepped down from my position as a director for a group I belonged to, I got questioned thoroughly as to why. And I simply told them the truth: it was time to say YES to ME. I run several businesses, I am a mom of two adorable girls and I am wanting to explore new interests and don’t want to be in charge of anything that is not necessary for a while.

The response was amazing to me. Not one, but EVERY woman that heard my response was in awe. They all called me courageous and were so proud of the example that I was setting for other women in business. This made me feel good, but at the same time, made me very sad. At what point did we get labeled “SuperWoman”? Why do we, as women, feel if we are not “doing it all” then we are somehow failing ourselves and our families?

I for one, am not going to let the fear of saying one little word cripple me any longer. I am going to start really looking at my responsibilities and prioritizing better. Of course it is a great idea to donate some of your time to worthy causes, but one of the worthy causes that gets your time SHOULD be your family and your livelihood.

Not long ago, I posted a great quote on my Facebook page:

“When you stop chasing the wrong things, you give the right things a chance to catch up”

Time to stop chasing the wrong things… let’s see what is going to catch up with me now. Stay tuned!