What is your “why” – and WHY should you care?

why photoI just recently finished a my certification training as an Action Coach for Asset Based Thinking. For those of you that are wondering what that is, I highly encourage you contact me to learn more. But my favorite part of the training was when we stopped to take the time to learn how to communicate what most people would call and elevator speech.

Now I am not one to be in favor of using and “elevator speech”. I am much more on the side of just having a normal conversation with people, but sometimes, you have to get right down to the point. The effectiveness of this dialogue really depends on a mixture of my two coaching certifications, Book Yourself Solid and Asset Based Thinking Action Coaching.

Your “who and do what” statement is something I teach all my clients to have. Describing what you do and for whom in one simple sentence. Then as the conversation goes on, you would also add your “why you do it” statement. My new certification expands on this mindset with something we call Substance, Sizzle, and Soul.

Your Substance is what you want to make happen. Like above in BYS teachings, it should be a one sentence message. You should say it as specifically as possible. Mine is: “I help small business owners and entrepreneurs get more clients.”

Your Sizzle is how you will make this happen, the sexy factor if you will. How will you accomplish this? How will you engage people? For me, it is a mixture of online and in person networking. I love to network. I am the proverbial Chatty Cathy. I have a reputation for knowing everyone and everything that is going on. Maybe I should have been a reporter! But nonetheless, I love interacting with people either online and in person to share my message and how I can help. Social media, video, networking events, you name it.

Your Soul is your WHY. Why is this so important to the present situation, and more importantly, why is it so important to you? For me, I simply love helping the small business owner. My why is to help people love what they do AND get paid to do it. I grew up watching my mother work in a government position, punching in and out from 9 to 5 everyday and hating every minute of it. She did not love her job. I knew at a young age that was not the life for me. As I grew older and learned what my skills were, I found my calling to help small business owners be successful. They are not only the backbone of our country, but every country, and I want to make sure they get to keep doing what they do. It is fun for me to see them get excited about their success, and to brainstorm ways to make it better.

Have you got any soul? What is your why? If you don’t know, then maybe that might be why you are having trouble finding or closing more business. If people cannot resonate with who you are and what you offer the world, chances are they will not hire you.

So I challenge you today – get out there and find your why. Find your soul. Once you know what that is, we can focus on substance and sizzle.