My Image Of Greatness


“Be not afraid of greatness; Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them” — William Shakespeare

I am currently helping my daughter who is in 4th grade with her final project for the school year. It is called “Images Of Greatness”. She is supposed to choose someone from American history who made an impact. She is doing a research paper, timeline, and a project from home to present at an open house while dressed up as this person. She chose Amelia Earhart. So we have been learning a lot about her at home. But it got me thinking, who would I choose?

Lately I have been surrounded by clients and friends, mainly women, that are going through difficult times in their life. But they are all still managing to run their businesses, run their households, and manage their children’s lives.

To me, this is the ultimate Image Of Greatness.

My mother was a single mother so I grew up being around someone who knew the importance of schedules, routines, and money management. Especially with three girls! So maybe sometimes I take for granted that it was a lot of hard work. My mother made it look like that is just the way life is.

But add on the fact that you are also running a business. Just because you are a business owner, doesn’t mean life events are not going to effect you. Just in the last two weeks I have witnessed women struggling with getting a divorce, battling custody issues, dealing with their own health issues and, of course, money issues. Every single one of them was a surprise to me when I found out. I had no idea they were dealing with such events. They were still maintaining their business and seemingly appeared as if everything was fine.

That is so hard to do.

Personally I have had many instances of dealing with life’s issues and still managed to keep the business running, but I never thought I was doing anything “great”. Well, I was wrong.

I now realize my Image Of Greatness is all of these strong women. Making sure the business is running, employees are getting paid, cash flow is maintained, steady stream of new clients coming in the door, dinner is made, laundry is done, house is clean, husband is happy, kids are fed and their homework is done.  And if they are lucky, manage to do something for themselves. (I would vote for retail therapy.)

I believe an Image Of Greatness should also focus on the people that get it done every day. I think all the ladies I have met in the last two weeks make a profound impact on history. Without them – there is no future history. I consider myself lucky to be surrounded by these women. They may not be famous, but what they are doing is definitely making an impact on many lives.

Wouldn’t you agree?