Why Am I So Busy?

994839_10151538171177916_1316245282_nSo there I am, diligently working away for my clients on Facebook, and I come across a blog post from Hands Free Mama. I implore you to stop reading my post and read hers so you will understand what I am about to tell you.

While I was reading her post, I just started crying. I could have written every word. I, too, have been living the distracted life for the last 10 years, I am ashamed to admit. I, too, have a “Noticer” child that is extremely observant, hears things you don’t think she does, and is pokey and likes to take her time and not be rushed. She is never in a hurry, and is always smiling. She delights in her “jammy days” while I give her a hard time about not being dressed. I am the proverbial Type A personality and have tunnel vision focused solely on my To-Do List for the day. I say “Hurry Up” or “Let’s Go Ladies!” all the time, and don’t even think twice about it. I am a bully to my sweet children who only want to enjoy what they are doing.

This post hit me so hard.

Why am I doing this? Why am I so busy? Why are so many other women like me? What can we do to stop this?

I commented on Rachel Stafford’s blog and clicked the option to be notified by email when other’s commented after me. Sadly, my email was bombarded with the constant replies of “I could have wrote this”, “this is exactly what I do”, “your post touched me and inspired me”. Yes ladies, we are not alone. And I vowed to start my own ban on saying “hurry up”.

But how do entrepreneurs do this? As a married, self-employed mother of two, how do you get it all done? How do you manage family demands AND still manage to grow your business? I have given this a lot of thought and it really boils down to one thing.

Baby steps.

I am not perfect, nor do I have all the answers, but perhaps my baby steps will help you formulate your own baby steps.

Step #1: Patience

Not only patience with my “pokey” daughters when I feel we are in a rush, but patience with myself. It is going to take a lot of effort to un-do the Type A tendencies that have ruled my life for the last 38 years. Rome was not built in a day, and I can be particularly hard on myself, so I must give myself reminders to be patient, but also give myself forgiveness when I am not patient.

Step #2: Decide what is truly necessary

My husband pointed this out to me. Why is it that so many entrepreneurs want more..more…more? Is it because we really need the money? Is it because we are told we are not “successful” until we hit X amount of dollars in the bank? Is it greed? I am not really sure how this started, but I am guilty of this as well. Keep working, keep plugging away, keep my face buried into whatever project I am working on with no real finish line. So Step 2 is determine what is necessary and once that is achieved – enjoy it. Enjoy the fruits of my labor.  Stop saying “I don’t have time” and simply make the time to enjoy what I have created.

Step 3: Worry Less

I think as entrepreneurs, we put too much energy into worrying. Worrying if our next big project is good enough, worrying about what our peers think of us, worrying about where the next client will be coming from, the list goes on and on. Why are we giving Worry so much power? I will admit I am a champion worrier. I really should have a gold medal. So much so, it has affected my health in the past. And for what? Worrying does not add minutes to your life or dollars to your bank account. Instead, I am choosing faith. I have made it this far and nothing has blown up, so surely, I am doing something right. I am choosing to have faith in my ability to think on my feet, my ability to problem solve some real doozies, my kids, my husband, my friends and fellow entrepreneurs, and really, just flat out having faith in myself.

So I challenge you to do the same. Stop being so “busy” and always “in a hurry”. It does not make you a better person or business owner. It just makes you miss out.

What baby steps will you institute today to banish “hurry up”  and stop the glorification of being “busy”?