Google AdWords Vs. Facebook. Which Is Better For My Business?

google-vs-facebookAs a small business owner, I am very particular and very careful where I spend my marketing dollars, as I am sure most small business owners are. I think it is safe to say that over the last 16 years of owning a technology business with my husband, we have tried just about everything or at least looked into it. Times sure have changed though! When we first started there was the usual newspaper ads, specialty magazines, direct mail, Welcome Wagon, you name it. But of course over the course of the years, technology has taken over and a lot of business owners are moving to the world of online ads.

The world of online ads is vast and can get very confusing. Google Adwords, Facebook ads, Twitter ads, LinkedIn ads, even ads on websites of online publications give us plenty of options to spend our money and get frustrated. So the question I get from all of my clients is:

Where do I spend my money when it comes to online advertising?

Typically, we are talking about Google vs. Facebook, so let’s just focus on that for now.

The answer, of course, is not that simple. Ideally you would to implement BOTH a Facebook and Google campaign for your business. There are many similarities between the two:

  • Both have massive sized audiences.
  • Both have a PPC (Pay Per Click) method.
  • Both can be turned off at a moments notice if need be.
  • Both give you an opportunity to expand your reach with multiple pages, i.e. a business Facebook page or a Google + Business page.

But the key differences will lie in the answer to the following question. What is your purpose? Are you trying to promote your knowledge, your service, your product?

People are on Facebook longer, so Facebook would be the preferred method for building your brand or establishing yourself as the category authority. It also allows you to zero in on specific interests of people. So if you were a technology expert like my husband, you would focus on people who were in groups about technology or have technology listed in their interests.

Google, however, has the advantage when it comes to web searches. That is where everyone goes when they are looking for something specific, right? Google Adwords would then be the perfect place for a business looking to drive people to a specific product or service. Google also offers what is called Google remarketing. which involves showing ads to users based on their past web searches, meaning it will show up on multiple sites you are searching where ads can be visible. This is huge compared to Facebook which only shows their ads on their own site.

So bottom line, it really depends on what you are trying to accomplish, what your budget is, and how quickly you want to move things along. As I mentioned before, it is best to utilized both strategies at the same time if you can. For help setting up a Google Adwords campaign, visit their help center. For Facebook ad help, you can also visit their help center.

Or – you can call the Queen Bee. 🙂