As An Entrepreneur, What Should I Delegate and What Should I Do Myself?

shutterstock_157634516I recently wrapped up another Book Yourself Solid coaching session with a client. As is customary when we arrive at the end of the program, my client was feeling very overwhelmed with all of the projects and goals we had made for her. I completely understood her situation and we proceeded to determine what she should do and what she should delegate.

This is an age old problem with every entrepreneur I have ever run into. Everything needs to be done, but it is so easy to let life get in the way and allow things to get put on the back burner. Especially in the beginning. As with most start ups, money is tight and your schedule is even tighter so you find yourself burning the midnight oil to try to get it all done. After all, if someone else is doing it, it will cost you money, right?

Well, sometimes yes, and sometimes no, and sometimes not as much as you think.

So with that in mind, here are my tips on trying to figure out what to delegate and what to handle yourself.

1. Make A List Of What Needs To Be Done

Sit down and write all the tasks that need to be done – in your business and in your home – from Accounting to Yardwork. I mean list everything. Even if you think it is a small detail, put it on the list. I found a helpful list online of tasks you can delegate. This list may help you get the wheels turning of all the tasks you need to do if you are having trouble – which I doubt!

2. Pick The Activities That You Like To Do

This one seems silly, but it is very important. The tasks that you actually enjoy doing are more likely to get done before the ones you don’t enjoy. It is just human nature to put off what you do not enjoy. You may also be in a rush to get through those tasks since you don’t enjoy them and the quality may go down. This will show in the long run and can be very detrimental to your reputation. Don’t let the name of your business suffer just because you don’t enjoy a specific task. So put your name next to all the tasks you actually enjoy.

3. Enlist The Help Of Others

This is where is gets tricky. I would start out with looking to family members. There is typically someone in the family that will step in and help with some of your basic administrative tasks for example. Maybe you have children that can be taking on some more responsibility – especially at home – so you don’t need to worry about that. Have you considered an intern? College students are always looking for experience before they graduate, and it is often required as well. Contact your local university to see if they have an internship program in your field.

After you have exhausted the free help options, it is time to start investigating freelance people. There are many virtual assistants out there that can take on a multitude of different tasks including bookkeeping, content writing, social media, etc. Look at your list and start investigating local companies or online freelancers that can take on the more professional tasks for you. Ask your local Chamber of Commerce for help. Look at the people you network with on a regular basis. Below are some I can recommend:

Hire My Mom – made up of women who are currently in between jobs because they are new mothers. They have an abundance of skill sets and work remotely. They can tackle assembling projects, administrative tasks, bookkeeping, you name it.

Kinetic Copywriting – this company will write your blogs for you – which is very important for marketing your business effectively and to keep you current on Google. This is a big one that I see get put to the back burner, and believe me it is to your detriment. If you don’t have time to get your blog done, call them.

MB Tech Inc. – this company builds your WordPress website for you. A lot of people are easily fooled with the ease of use of this software, but then get really caught up in the nuts and bolts of making it work effectively. Before you know it, you have just spent weeks of your time trying to figure out how to get this important piece of your business up and running when you could of have been doing something else that was bringing money into the door.  This service is not as expensive as a whole new website. Check it out.

I know there are many others out there, including me (had to put that in!),  but this will get you going.

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Sadly, many entrepreneurs are still just too afraid to ask for help. Some reasons may be money, some are confidentiality, some are just plain fear someone will find out they are not Superman. Trust me, no one thinks you need to be a martyr or a super hero. If you do your homework, you will find reputable, trustworthy organizations or people. If you sit down and take the time to plan out who is in charge of what, it will allow you to do what YOU do best – make money!

So, what do you think? What are some services you have used that you can recommend to others that have really helped your company out? Let’s share them in the comments and help your fellow entrepreneur!