Summer Slump – What Does An Entrepreneur Do With Down Time?

???????????????????????????????????????It seems business can slow down in the summertime, doesn’t it? Not surprising. Many people are busy taking much needed vacations, thus decision makers are out of town and projects slow down or get put on hold. Many businesses, like universities or something similar, even have just a summer crew so everything gets pushed back a couple of months. So if you are an entrepreneur, what do you do if you find yourself suddenly with more time on your hands? You obviously want to keep the clients coming in the door, but if that has slowed down a bit, maybe consider this list to help get you organized, and possibly make more money!

1. Develop an information product

This would be a perfect time to start this process. Information products are so important to an entrepreneur. They establish you as the expert in your field, as well as make you money while you sleep! Even better! Your product could be a book, eBook, journal, webinar, etc. Find a topic you know A LOT about and create a way you can share this knowledge with your target market. Technology has greatly improved over the years, so there are many avenues in which you can get your product to the masses very inexpensively. If you want to get your eBook out there for instance, I recommend BookBaby. They handle all the distribution for you. Want to host some live webinars and have them recorded to replay later? Try AnyMeeting. It has a free service that will let you do just that.

2. Write several months of blog posts

Summer can be a great time to grab the laptop and head outside and start writing. Blogging is one of the number one ways to get people to keep coming to your website – and Google loves fresh content. Sadly, blog articles often get put on the back burner because we are constantly too busy to stay on schedule. So use this time to brainstorm! I challenge you to come up with 6 topics and write about them. Then you can load them into your WordPress website and schedule them to go out for the next six months. What a great use of your time! It furthers your brand and your status as the category authority in your field if you are consistently blogging to your target market.

3. Update your website

Speaking of WordPress, this would also be a good time to look at your website. Websites all to often become stagnant and old. You are so busy working all the time, you forget to make sure your website is still providing what your client – and soon to be clients – needs. If you have WordPress, you can simply choose a new theme and upload it to give yourself a fresh new look. Add a few tweaks to match the them, and walla! You have a whole new website. If you need help with WordPress, MB Tech, Inc. is a great solution. Maybe you just need to go look at all the content and update it. Times and technology change fast – so you need to make sure your content is up to date. What about testimonials? Are you keeping those up to date? Call up past clients and ask them if they would mind sending you a testimonial – that would also keep you in front of them, which is a bonus! When is the last time you looked at the content on your website?

4. Make a vision board

Everyone makes goals and plans their year out in January. So now  you are halfway through the year and have time to sit down and reflect on what you have accomplished so far. Vision boards are a lot of fun. Applying pictures to your dreams can help them feel more like reality. I like to use Pinterest for this. I have my vision board on Pinterest so whenever I see something that I know I want to accomplish, a place I want to go, or just something that inspires me, I pin it there. I encourage to you to check in with your goals, and if you haven’t made one – make a vision board.

5. Catch up on continuing education

If you are like me and love to learn a way to do it better, faster and smarter – and of course make money doing it – then you are always on the lookout for the latest class, workshop or webinar. Sadly, most of the time I am super busy so the continuing education can be put on the back burner. What are some of the things you are wanting to learn more about but have not had the time until now? Sign up for a video series, take a class online or in person, or just maybe buy some books on Amazon you have been meaning to read – and actually read them!

The point is that even downtime can be profitable. Take your talents and gifts, and make them stronger. So when you business picks up again, you can feel good that you used your downtime wisely – and hopefully lined up some extra income in the process.

I want to hear from you! What did you create in your spare time that turned into some income for your business?