How To Use Pinterest To Promote Your Business

pinterest-for-businessRecently, I heard a commercial on the radio promoting a jewelry store saying how it could help any man find the perfect gift for his love interest by checking out her Pinterest page and discovering what she liked. I must say it was very clever. Pinterest is very public and you can see what other people like and find interesting. I thought to myself, what an ingenious marketing technique. Why don’t more people take advantage of this?

The answer is: as much fun and popular as Pinterest is, I still don’t think businesses are using it to its full capability for promotional purposes. Why? Mostly because they either A) don’t know how or B) are used to the old ways of marketing and don’t think Pinterest is for their company.


Pinterest is for everyone. I recently received an email from the Pinterest For Business Email Newsletter stating that they are now seeing more male followers than ever, so you can’t blame it on the “it’s only for women” mentality. Like any other method of marketing, it’s all about how you approach it. What is it you want from Pinterest? I am going to assume for purposes of this conversation that you want more clients. So give the clients what they want! Make them want to follow your boards. Give them a reason to keep coming back with great content! Here are a few tips I would like to share that will help you:

Convert your Pinterest Personal Page Into a Business Page

You and the end user may not be able to tell the difference, but business pages will provide you with helpful inside information and analytics that a personal page will not. Take the time to convert your page. This will give you information like unique users, repins, visits to your site and more. This information will prove to be vital to keeping track of where your new clients are coming from.

Have Boards That Represent Your Brand

People do business with those they know, like and trust. Start creating a visual “get to know me” section where your clients/customers learn all about the way you tick. If they feel closer to you, they will buy from you. It doesn’t hurt to put your name in some of the board titles as well – it goes a long way with branding. While we are on the subject…

Name Your Boards Something Catchy Or With Phrases People Would Use To Search

We have all seen the boards simply titled “Recipes” or “Marketing”. Go a step further and name them something fun that will stand out and represent not only what pins they will find on that board, but more about the person behind them. People love to follow a catchy-titled board. This is the time to not be ordinary. It also goes a long way with SEO. Make sure you are titling  your boards with key phrases that people are searching for. It will help tremendously when they are searching Pinterest for what they are looking for. (Yes, people do searches directly inside Pinterest.)

Engage With Pinners That Leave Comments (a/k/a Your Audience)

Everyone wants to be heard. So make sure you answer comments or questions from fellow pinners by responding like you would on Twitter. Example: @janedoe – thank you for your comment and question, how can I help you? Remember that Pinterest is SOCIAL media. So be social and interact and engage with the people who are taking the time to leave comments.

Make Use Of Images You Own

This is especially true if you take pictures of what you represent and put them on your website. People are more likely to respond to images than words. Images provoke feelings, good or bad, and compel them to act. This is why food commercials have been so popular for so many years. Think about it: who hasn’t been sitting on their couch, minding their own business, and suddenly want to go get ice cream because Dairy Queen came on TV? It’s the same with Pinterest. I am totally guilty of pursuing my feed and then accidentally finding lovely images of what is currently coming out of the oven from my local bakery. Guess who suddenly needed a cookie? You get the point. Make sure you fill up boards with your images, and then link them back to your website where your customers can BUY! This works for the images that you associate with your blog as well. The image should reflect what you are writing about, which leads them to your blog, which leads them to contacting and hiring YOU!

Promote Your Boards On Other Platforms

New to the game and afraid you will not be reaching your already established social media audiences? Simply post all your new boards and/or pins on your Facebook and Twitter feeds, or wherever you currently hang out. Draw the people that already know, like, and trust you over to another platform where they literally get to see a lot more of what you have to offer. One way this gets easier is to use an application called Pinvolve. It installs on Facebook to display images from your Pinterest boards right onto your Facebook page. Less work for you! There are many other programs you can search for on Google that will help automate this process. Let technology do the work for you!

Move Your Boards Around

This is especially true if your business is seasonal. No one wants to come to a candy shop’s boards on Valentine’s Day and see all the boards in the top row are from Christmas specials. Make sure you keep that row, the first five boards, timely and relevant to what is going on in the world. The top row should always have a board that will link them back to your website where they can purchase from you.

Let Pinterest Tell You What Is Going On

Several of my comments and suggestions come straight from the creators. I read every email I get from their newsletter, as well as what they themselves are currently pinning on their Pinterest For Business page. You don’t always have to reinvent the wheel! Let the masters give you some tips, and then more importantly, follow them!

I want to hear from you! What best practices can you share after creating a Pinterest Page for your business?