Author/Publishing Services

Author & Publisher ServicesThere are three aspects to creating a book: writing, publishing and marketing. Or as I call them, PLAN, PUBLISH & PROMOTE. Most budding authors only focus on the writing part. But all three are essential in order to release a quality, successful product. Typical book publishers may publish your book, but they leave it up to you to market and promote it. So how do you create a book that is helpful, informative, AND marketable? That is where I come in.

Along with my skills at marketing and business coaching, plus my own experience writing and publishing my own book, I am also a Certified Author's Consultant. Traditionally author’s consultants have helped aspiring authors organize their work, do research and fact-checking, assist in readying the manuscript for submission to a publisher, and get involved in marketing the book.

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However, the publishing world has changed. More and more authors are choosing to self-publish, including many famous authors that have already been traditionally published. Now an author’s consultant is also responsible for helping an author become a publisher. There are many administrative details that must be coordinated to self-publish a book, especially when creating various e-book and multimedia versions of a work. My services allow you the author to concentrate on those things the author should do (such as writing the book!) and not the mundane details of being a publisher. Because of the experience I have writing my own book, I personally know what publishing resources are available and what works best, saving you time and money. I can also help you create a successful marketing campaign, including virtual book tours, Amazon and social networking exposure, and soliciting rave reviews. I am an indispensable part of the self-publishing process, especially in this electronic world. I am also able to help you raise the dollars you need to make all of this happen! Learn more by clicking here!

Take a look at some of the necessary details I can help take care of for you:

  • obtain the necessary registrations such as ISBN, Bar Code, LCCN and copyright
  • get the book printed and distributed - either print and/or eBook versions
  • get a proper book front and back cover designed - a critical step in the marketing process
  • prepare an up to date, professional website to promote the book that you control
  • utilize social media outlets to spread the word
  • create an Author page
  • develop a Virtual Book Tour to get your message out to your target market
  • organize live events to promote your book
  • coordinate your media presence
  • and more!

Contact me today if you are ready to have your book published or if you are just thinking of writing a book! I will show you how to get from idea to published author, and then how to generate marketing momentum before, during, and after your book launch!