It’s Time for Your Business to Grow Up

Marcel Brown Technology Services and Queen Bee Consulting Proclaim “It’s Time for Your Business to Grow Up”!

Marcel Brown Technology Services and Queen Bee Consulting, divisions of MB Tech, Inc., announce the “It’s Time for Your Business to Grow Up” educational series of seminars.

Business people today are commonly making many mistakes due to outdated or inefficient business concepts and technologies. This is not unexpected – much has changed in the world of business and technology over the last several years. However, most small businesses people have no resource to turn to for information on current business trends or the latest technologies. This new series of seminars will help entrepreneurs in all industries gain the knowledge necessary to better compete in today’s fast-changing business environment.

Each seminar in the series will cover a specific business subject, such as marketing in a tough economy or leveraging social media. Attendees will first learn to recognize the common mistakes being made and how those mistakes are costing them productivity, opportunities, and profit. Then they will be presented with new ideas and the latest developments that will help them avoid these mistakes and improve their bottom line.

Upcoming Seminars:

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