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Is Your Online Marketing Mobile Friendly?

According to a recent blog post from Google,mobile_friendly starting April 21st they will begin giving higher rankings to websites that are mobile friendly. Google states:

“This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results. Consequently, users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices.”

It is no secret that Google is always changing their algorithms in order to give the end user the most up to date information when they come to do a search. The never ending game that we as marketers play is how to optimize our content in order to get the best organic rankings that we can in order to get placed higher. Reminds me of a joke I saw last week: Where’s the best place to hide a dead body? The 2nd page of Google!

Based on my experience running Google Ad campaigns for my clients, I can tell you without hesitation when I look at the stats from the ad that tell me where people are coming from, over 80% consistently in the last YEAR have been searching on a mobile device. So I am not surprised Google is moving forward. This is not something to be taken lightly or brushed aside.

An article from Forbes Magazine states,
“According to information we’ve been able to gather so far, it appears that this update will be as significant as Google Panda and Google Penguin, two previous significantly impactful algorithm changes, perhaps even more so. It’s also going to evaluate on a yes-no basis, which means it’s either going to see your site as “mobile friendly” or “not mobile friendly.” 

Let’s face it, eCommerce is not going anywhere and if your site is not mobile friendly, chances are you are missing out on sales to businesses that have a mobile friendly, easy to use website and keep in touch strategy. So what is a business owner to do?

First: Optimize your website so that it will be mobile friendly. If you have been dragging your feet on this, the time is now to get it taken care of. Start by running your website through Google’s Mobile-Friendly test. This will tell you where you need to begin. Here, Google will talk to you about some more common mistakes such as proper coding of image files, not using flash for video – or anything else, and cross-linking inappropriately.

It is not entirely clear how SEO is going to be affected, but rest assured if your site is not mobile friendly your ranking will definitely take a hit.

A lot of this can seem overwhelming unless you know what you are doing with your website, so I recommend not re-inventing the wheel and hiring a professional to take a look at your site and make sure it is mobile friendly. If you are lucky enough to have WordPress as your platform, you should be able to select a different theme that is more mobile friendly.

Second: Look at your email marketing. Almost everyone checks their email primarily through a mobile device while they are on the go. Most business owners that I know that are smart and taking the time to send email newsletters use various companies to put together a sharp email that shares their content and represents their brand,  but when is the last time you updated your newsletter to a more mobile friendly version?

Constant Contact and Mailchimp both have mobile friendly templates that will allow you to see what it would look on on a desktop, as well as a mobile device, before you send it out. Nothing is worse than checking your email on your phone and not being able to read it because you are trying to find a way to get the whole thing on your screen. Most people I know would give up – and that is obviously not good. So make sure your email is readable from mobile devices as well.

Third: Don’t give up on social media. With all the platforms to choose from I understand it can be an overwhelming task to keep up with. But with the increase in mobile devices, the primary way people stay in touch is via their mobile device and their favorite social media platform. If you are struggling with keeping up with it all and cannot afford to hire someone like me to help you, then I recommend choosing one platform – and being great at it. Find the platform that your target market is hanging out in and give that platform all of your attention and time. Be amazing at Facebook. Excel at Twitter. Have the world’s most beautiful set of boards on Pinterest. Do one thing, and do it well, and your business will be noticed online. Use tools such as Pagemodo or Hootsuite to help you organize your thoughts and plan your time online successfully.

Making all of your online efforts more seamless and intuitive for the end user are what is going to set your business apart in the coming months and years. Paying attention to the trends and acting accordingly should be the priority in when connecting with your audience online. Questions? Contact me, I would love to chat about it with you.



Google+ Post Ads for the Masses: Why You Should Start Advertising Your Plus Posts

GooglePlusPostAdsThey say change is good – and especially for a new year! So, for the first time ever on my blog, I am featuring a guest blogger. Ivan Serrano is a very savvy online marketer and has some great suggestions that he shares below on why you should start paying attention to Google+ and their +Post Ads. With all the changes in the social media space going on right now, it is necessary to stay up to date on what is available to you, the entrepreneur. I feel it is my job to arm you with as much information as I can to help you decide what is right for your budget and your business. While many marketers think Google+ is a social media platform of the past, it’s actually a very powerful tool for your business. In fact, Google+ is changing the way brands interact with their customers online through advertisements.

 In 2014, Google launched +Post Ads, a Google+ content advertising tool. This feature enables brands with at least 1,000 followers to advertise their Google+ content. Google+ Post Ads utilize the Google Display Network and enables brands to advertise their Google+ posts, videos, and hangouts throughout the Internet.

 So, you’re probably wondering why Google+ Post Ads are important for your brand, right? Well, it gives you the opportunity to reach more customers and build more awareness for your brand. In fact, brands who have advertised their Google+ content have experienced 50 percent more engagement than traditional advertising tactics!

Getting started with +Post Ads is quite simple. All you need is a Google+ page with at least 1,000 followers and valuable content to share with your target audience. Once you accomplish these two things, you’ll be able to launch your first +Post Ad campaign.

Creating a +Post Ad campaign is very easy. First, you’ll create a new AdWords campaign with Google. Next, you’ll create your ad and select an ad group. When you create your ad, make sure you choose the best image size for your post and select the best demographics for your target audience. Finally, you’ll save your advertisement and prepare to respond to engagement. As you can tell, creating a +Post Ad campaign is very simple!

Google is changing the way brands advertise their business online. Instead of focusing on product promotion, +Post Ads focus on content promotion. To learn more about +Post Ads and how to create one, check out the infographic below: