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Pop-Up Forms: Are They Worth The Risk?

man-in-box-failI am currently taking an email marketing course. It is called “Rock The Inbox” and I highly recommend it. Definitely a higher level though, not really for beginners. But I am just getting started and already I am faced with a conundrum:

Should I use a pop-up form to increase my email subscribers?

I am not a fan of pop-up forms or boxes for any reason. I personally find them incredibly annoying. The worst thing in the world to me is to finally find an article that has the information I am looking for, start reading, and then have an incredibly annoying box scream at me to give out my email address or to “click here” for some freebie.

Now I am not going to lie. I have done my research and I am fully aware that pop-up boxes will typically make your opt-in rates soar. There is no question. But to me it seems like it might be stacking the deck a bit. Like having a pop up box will get someone’s email at first, but are they truly interested in joining your list or do they just feel compelled since there is a flashy box in the way of the content they want to read?

I think that it is truly up to you as the website owner what type of experience you want your reader/follower to have. Pop-ups have the potential to be fraught with peril. Not only are they annoying, but there is increased potential for a glitch. This will give your reader a horrible experience. Now they are annoyed, they cannot read the content, and they will probably leave and never come back. Not good.

But you cannot ignore the need for some sort of opt-in alternative that may suit your needs, so what is a gal to do? So I started doing some research and here are some suggestions I have found:

1. Use a well placed, prominent sign up box. The best real estate out there is the top right hand corner. However, I am also seeing a lot more of them at the footer of each and every posts. This to me is the best option. They have just finished reading all of your article, and that is the perfect time to grab them. If they read to the end, the must have liked it, right? Chances of you gaining their email so they can learn more from you are VERY high at this point. (**hint hint – check out my fancy new sign up at the end.)

2. Consider adding some spice to your free offer. Obviously people are not going to just give up their email for nothing. You have to dangle a carrot. You have to give them something of value so they will give something that is valuable to them. What about a great free e-book or downloadable pdf? Tip sheets and free services with links are always a good one as well. I have gotten some of the best free eBooks on topics I wanted to learn more about because there was a great offer in exchange for my email address.

3. Delay the opt-in. This suggestion came from my husband, the WordPress Wiz. If you insist on using the pop-up box, there are a lot of plugins now for WordPress that will assist you in delaying the timing. That way, your reader can get through most of the article without being annoyed and hounded for their email. Some he would suggest are:
PopUp Pro

Of course, you can always just keep your focus on what you are writing about too. As long as you continue to produce great content that is valuable to your target market, you will organically accumulate more readers.

So what are your thoughts? Do you use a pop-up box on your blog or website? Post your comments!