How To Use AI To Enhance Your Video Marketing

AI seems to be all the rage right now. Everyone is talking about it. Although I think you need to be careful with it so you can maintain your own voice and ideas, it is still a powerful tool to enhance video marketing strategy in several ways. Video is one of the most powerful tools at the disposal of business owners today. But what about maximizing the effectiveness of your video marketing? Here are some things to keep in mind when considering using AI to help you:

  1. Personalization: AI can help personalize video content for each viewer based on their interests, behavior, and preferences. This can help improve engagement and conversions. As users, we enjoy nothing more than a good ol’ recommendation from a trusted source with impeccable taste. It helps us choose what to consume from vast quantities of content. By being consistent with your video messages of giving helpful advice and tips, you are creating trust and credibility.

  2. Choose the right AI tools: There are many different AI tools available for video marketing, such as personalized video platforms, video analytics tools, and automated editing software. Choose the tools that best fit your goals and budget.

  3. Automated Captioning: AI can automatically generate captions and subtitles for videos. This can help improve accessibility and reach for videos, especially for viewers who are deaf or hard of hearing. There are many programs out there that can assist with this.

  4. Automated Editing: AI can help automate the video editing process, making it faster and more efficient. This can help you create more videos in less time and optimize their video marketing strategy. It goes without saying that if you can create more videos, then you are in front of your target market more often, which only leads to more sales!

  5. Stay up-to-date: This is important, and overwhelming at the same time! AI technology is rapidly evolving, so it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments. Attend industry events, read blogs and articles, and network with other video marketers to stay informed.

So with all this being said – how exactly do you do this? Here are some AI tools I have found in my research that you can maybe use towards your video marketing strategy:

Jasper: Launched in February 2021, Jasper is an AI content platform that helps creators and companies of all types expand their creative potential. You can use this to help you come up with topics and more.

Synthesia: This is a new voice over technology you can use that is very helpful if you are wanting to do video in other languages!

Podcastle: This is for all you podcasters out there – that should definitely be turning your podcasts info video! Podcastle is the simplest way to create professional-quality podcasts. Record, edit, transcribe, and export your content with the power of AI.

Pictory: Pictory powerful AI enables you to create and edit professional quality videos using text. Automatically create short, highly-sharable branded videos from your long form content. 

Runway: From basic video editing to advanced post-processing, Runway is like having your own video production studio right inside your browser. There are a bunch of templates to choose from that will make your video stand out.

Overall, incorporating AI into your video marketing strategy can help improve engagement, conversions, and also make you look REALLY good in the process. But, always fact check, be careful what extensions you download, and never forget your own brain and expertise is really what you are trying to market.

Got questions about video – or this article overwhelmed you and you want someone else to do all this for you? Give me a call!


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