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It’s Time to Get Your Company Noticed!

Video continues to be one of the most effective – and most underused – tools in a company’s overall marketing strategy. Your audience is visual, and video marketing is a means of telling your story, educating viewers about your products and services, and being at your customer’s top of mind when you can’t be there face-to-face. Video is no longer an option – it’s a necessity for building your business.

My passion is helping small business owners like you grow your YouTube presence and your online audience while maintaining a genuine connection with each and every customer. And because I know every business has its own goals and budget, I can tailor a video marketing package to your specific needs.

When you have a video marketing expert helping you successfully manage your YouTube channel, you can show the world you’re the expert in your industry.

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Strategy and Consulting

Fear is the number one thing holding a business owner back from breaking out on YouTube. Most people hate getting in front of the camera, and always coming up with new content week after week can feel overwhelming. My goal is to help you find courage over comfort.

Together, we’ll formulate a YouTube video marketing strategy for your company that’s easily doable and incredibly affordable. By diving into your business, industry, and audience, we can determine:

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Development and Production

Now’s when the fun really begins! In addition to directing and producing your YouTube video marketing spot, I can help you craft a script, overcome your stage fright before jumping on camera, and edit your footage before we put it out to a worldwide audience. I want you to shine online as the expert you are and confidently share your knowledge with your customers, prospects, and industry peers.

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YouTube Video Optimization

One of the best things about YouTube is its easy searchability, both through the platform itself and on Google. As a YouTube video marketing and optimization expert, I can help ensure your videos pop up for the terms your customers search for most through relevant keyword tags, enticing titles, and information-rich descriptions. I’ll also visually reinforce your brand identity by incorporating your logo, tone, and color palette into your YouTube channel so your viewers connect your video to your business.

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Client relationships matter to CEO of Queen Bee marketing

Podcast Optimization

Did you know that YouTube now beats iTunes and Spotify as the #1 podcast source? Click here to read the article.

YouTube is now an even bigger podcast platform than Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, Amazon – YouTube leads the pack! And video is far more powerful and engaging than audio alone.

If you’d like to turn your audio podcast into a video podcast, I can help you! And…create teaser trailers to share on social media platforms of your choice!

I can provide you with an “audio to video” done-for-you podcast service that may be right for you. Then we can post your video podcast to YouTube so you can reach a whole new audience! (And you don’t even need to appear on camera if your podcast file is audio only!)

Record your podcast on Zoom? I can still help you make that video POP!

Why do a video podcast? So you can take advantage of YouTube, the biggest podcast platform. AND the second most trafficked site on the Internet! Why not swarm the podcast community where they’re already watching?

Danelle Brown owner of Queen Bee consulting in Edwardsville, Illinois

Audience Management

Why create an engaging video if you don’t engage with your viewers? If your staff doesn’t include a social media manager, I can assist you in managing and responding to comments to ensure your audience’s questions are answered. In addition, I can help you maximize your marketing investment and expand your customer base by integrating your videos into your social media, email, and digital advertising campaigns.

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How to Make Video Marketing Work for Your Business

With only 9% of businesses using YouTube to market their products and services, the time to launch a video marketing campaign is NOW! Don’t get left behind because you don’t know where to start – contact me today to schedule your consultation.

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