The Truth About Learning Curves

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Every business owner has to take on something that they are not totally familiar with in the beginning because they’re trying to get everything off the ground. So there are many learning curves that are going on, and even further along in your business as technology changes or industry changes, whatever that may be.

But the truth about learning curves is they can get out of hand. So here you have a curve, that leads to another curve, that leads to another curve, and pretty soon you’re in a constant circle of trying to figure out what to do, therefore trapping you into what I have called for many, many years, analysis paralysis.

This is one of the biggest business killers I have seen in all my years of working with clients and I’ve talked about it quite frequently. The more you get caught up in your learning curve and your analysis, the longer it’s going to take to actually get the job done. So how do we avoid this? Well, most people don’t want to talk about the naughty D word in business, which is DELEGATE.

Let me tell you, delegate is not a bad word. Delegating is very, very smart in order for you to move on from something you know you need done and get back to what you do best and what you can accomplish quickly to bring the money in the door. So don’t be afraid to delegate something that has you trapped in this learning curve that has become a circle.

Another thing that you can think about is all those subscriptions that you have signed up for to help you with this learning curve, to help you achieve some goal. How many are you signed up for right now? I know I took a look at what I was signed up for decided, I don’t need that, I don’t need that and I don’t need that because I have delegated, I have moved on. I challenge you to do the same thing.

So as you’re getting ready to prepare your marketing strategy for 2024, think about what you can be delegating. Think about what subscription services you no longer need because you have delegated, and get off the analysis paralysis train.

If you are having trouble coming up with a marketing strategy for 2024, I would love to talk to you. So please reach out, and let’s bust through that learning curve.


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