Time To Swarm The Podcast Community On YouTube

Did you know that YouTube now beats iTunes and Spotify as the #1 podcast source?

Seriously – check out this article by clicking here!

Well, as soon as I found out that 50% of all podcasts are accessed via YouTube, I knew I needed to help my clients – and people with podcasts – get their podcasts established on YouTube immediately.

YouTube is now an even bigger podcast platform than Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, Amazon – YouTube leads the pack! And video is far more powerful and engaging than audio alone.

If you’d like to turn your audio podcast into a video podcast, now is your chance! I am excited to announce my brand new Podcast Package call the Swarm The Podcast Community. Let me help you take your podcast to the next level!

But you are probably saying – Danelle – all of my podcast footage is in an audio format.

No problem!

I can help you to turn that audio into a VIDEO podcast! (And you don’t even have to be on camera!)

Why do a video podcast? So you can take advantage of YouTube, the biggest podcast platform! Remember – it is the second largest trafficked site on the Internet!

Just think: If you upload a podcast to YouTube, you can more than double the size of your show’s digital footprint. It will give you exposure on a platform that billions of people browse every day. It’s a key way to let your audience consume your content wherever they are.

Check out my Packages under the Service Tab on my website – I will be able to help you put those podcasts on YouTube, create teaser videos, and more!

Ready to swarm the podcast community in a new way? Contact me today to get started!


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